Our Story

Neon Gods is a small business based in Los Angeles, California. Our story began in 2021 when the owners, Dane and Leslie, were preparing for a bodybuilding show. Dane had an intricate plan of surprising Leslie, with a proposal at the end of the event. Leslie had no clue of what was about to happen. On July 25th 2021, the most beautiful thing happened on stage. In front of friends, family, and auditorium full of attendees, Dane stunned Leslie while she was posing on stage. He dropped down onto one knee and popped the question, “will you marry me?” With tears running down her cheeks, Leslie answered with a joyous “Yes.” 

Shortly after the show, Dane and Leslie happily contacted their bodybuilding coach, Patrick McInnis aka Pattylifts, with the successful results. As a form of gratitude, the couple sent their Coach Patty an LED neon sign that featured his fitness brand name brightly illuminated in light blue colors. Shortly after their instagram-famous coach posted videos of his new office decorated with the new LED neon sign, several people became interested in owning their personal sign as well.

Dane took this as a sign–and eventually, Neon Gods was born.

Our Mission

At Neon Gods, we strive to elevate experiences by providing unique, sustainable, and affordable USA-made LED neon signs for everyone. 

Our Promise

Top-quality signs at the best price

We aim to provide value to our brand and dependable service for everyone by offering premium American-made products at the best prices.

All Neon Gods custom signs are carefully crafted in our Los Angeles design studio by a team of professionals using top-quality and durable materials.

Fast shipping services

US and Canada orders are shipped within 5-6 business days, while international orders can take 14-15 days to be delivered.

All neon signs are handcrafted in the Neon Gods design studio in Los Angeles, USA.

Safer for the environment and the children

At Neon Gods, we use the latest Flex Neon cables for illumination. These are known to last longer, be brighter, easier to install and maintain, more durable, more affordable, more energy-saving, and more environment-friendly.

Neon Gods LED neon signs require less electricity to power up and do not contain mercury, gas, and other harmful chemicals that traditional neon signs have. All our neon signs also produce less carbon footprint.

Lastly, Neon Gods products are safer for children. Our LED signs are sturdy and do not contain glass materials that can cause injury to individuals in case of breakage.